Meet Deputy Alvarado

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IMG_0488Deputy Armando Alvarado is a 29-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department currently assigned to the Success Through Awareness & Resistance (STAR) Unit.  Deputy Alvarado has worked in the STAR Unit for approximately 16 years and was the 2006 recipient of the STAR Deputy of the Year award.  Deputy Alvarado’s prior assignments began in Custody Division where he worked the Hall of Justice Jail, Men’s Central Jail, and Century Regional Detention Center.  After his custody assignments, Deputy Alvarado transferred to Temple Station where he worked patrol for six years.  There he was able to work various assignments, including community relations.  This assignment allowed him to work with community leaders, schools, teachers, principals, and business owners.

logo@2xDeputy Alvarado began his assignment at the STAR Unit in 2001.  The STAR Unit appealed to him because of the great opportunity to mentor students from different grade levels and communities.  Deputy Alvarado believes that prevention is a vital part of law enforcement, and that it helps bind cops to the communities they serve.

download (1)As a member of the STAR Unit, Deputy Alvarado promotes the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and is a positive influence on the young people he teaches. Armando currently teaches at 19 different schools across the cities of El Monte, Whittier, Bellflower and Lakewood. He teaches both the Too Good For Drugs and G.R.E.A.T curriculums.


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